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Tips and info about your SVG fleXboxEUROPA

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Be sure to keep the transport carton

Please keep the original carton supplied incl. operating and installation instructions. The SVG fleXboxEUROPA  is lined with aluminum foil for shielding and is required,

  • for the transport or for the return of the SVG fleXboxEUROPA or
  • to avoid toll collection, in the event of suspension of the toll obligation on toll roads. For example, for the execution of toll-exempt auxiliary transports or in the context of a construction site operation on a toll road.

Your online control center:

Countries or country groups can be activated and deactivated online at any time via Boxes can also be reordered, coupled with other vehicles, blocked and the return of boxes initiated there.

However, this only works for active boxes! If the SVG fleXboxEUROPA has the status "acknowledged" in mySVG or the license plate has a yellow background there, the SVG fleXboxEUROPA must first be activated or coupled. The yellow background marking of the license plate disappears as soon as a process is completed in the background or the SVG fleXboxEUROPA receives the status "active".

Use only one box per country

After installing the SVG fleXboxEUROPA, other toll boxes may need to be removed according to the enabled countries so that the toll is not charged twice.

Always activate new boxes (promptly)

For the commissioning of new boxes, they must be activated. Activation only takes about 15 minutes:

  • Connect SVG fleXboxEUROPA to the 12 or 24 V power supply (cigarette lighter/fixed connection) and attach to the windshield according to the installation instructions.
  • Ensure signal reception.
  • Switch on vehicle engine so that the SVG fleXboxEUROPA motion sensor is activated. Without motion or vibration (triggered by the truck engine), the SVG fleXboxEUROPA will go into standby mode and will not be able to receive data for configuration.
  • After successful activation, the indicator appears in the display. Only then is the SVG fleXboxEUROPA ready for use. Important: Only active boxes can be used, for example, to connect new countries or to switch to other vehicles.

Recommendation: One box per vehicle, reserve box, continue to use boxes

We recommend equipping each vehicle with its own SVG fleXboxEUROPA, which is permanently installed. In addition, it makes sense to plan a reserve box "just in case". When replacing a vehicle, an existing SVG fleXbox​​​​​​​EUROPA can continue to be used for the successor vehicle. Please also observe the necessary lead times and hand over the new vehicle declaration to the driver (for Austria and Scandinavia, see point 8).

Consider lead times

  • shipping of SVG fleXboxEUROPA by DHL-Express
    approx. 2 - 5 working days, in exceptional caese longer.
  • Activation Germany, Belgium, Switzerland
    usually 24 hours.
  • Activation of other countries  
    2 to 3 days
  • Switching of boxes to another license plate number
    1 to 2 days.

Tips for drivers

Voltage is what matters: Always keep boxes under power

If possible, the SVG fleXboxEUROPA should always be kept powered, even if you are traveling in a country that is not enabled for toll collection.

Background knowledge: Even if the power supply is interrupted, the SVG fleXboxEUROPA continues to function - until the built-in battery is empty. Only then can the SVG fleXboxEUROPA no longer collect tolls. If this happens while driving on a toll road, you are immediately a "toll evader" and risk high penalties. Fatal: The driver usually does not notice the failure - because he concentrates on the journey

Carry vehicle declaration in Austria and Scandinavia

In Austria and Scandinavia drivers need a valid vehicle declaration. This is automatically delivered with the first order of a SVG fleXboxEUROPA. Please contact us if you have not received a vehicle declaration for a vehicle.

The vehicle declaration is always vehicle-related and therefore belongs in the vehicle folder (and not in the SVG fleXboxEUROPA packaging box) together with the registration certificate part 1 and the fuel cards

Attention: When exchanging vehicles or subsequently activating Austria (AT) and / or Scandinavia (SC), a new vehicle declaration is required, which can be obtained via mySVG. The driving personnel must carry the vehicle declaration in Austria and Scandinavia and present it at controls

Set weight and number of axles before driving off

Before driving off, the number of axles and the permissible total weight of the vehicle combination must be set. This is particularly important for Germany and Austria. Only in the case of buses and caravans are the trailers not to be taken into account here.

Keep an eye on the status LED of the box: GREEN or RED

The green light of the SVG fleXboxEUROPA should always be constantly green. When red, no toll collection takes place. This is okay if the vehicle is in a country that is not unlocked. It can also happen that the SVG fleXboxEUROPA lights up "red" when the country border is within range. As soon as the "new" country is driven on (and also unlocked), the SVG fleXboxEUROPAautomatically switches to "green" = active.

In some countries there are also the usual beep signals (1 tone = toll recorded).

Note: Even in a country where toll payment via the SVG fleXboxEUROPA is not yet possible, the status LED lights up green. Here, however, the display of the toll box shows: "outside the toll area". Because here the toll cannot be collected with the SVG fleXboxEUROPA. For example, in the Netherlands (vignette obligation), Monaco (city toll) or in Greece.

Status LED flashes green

In this case, the vehicle data has been changed by the service provider, for example when an EETS domain is activated or deactivated. By pressing the "Menu/Hook" button to confirm the message, the LED of the SVG fleXboxEUROPA lights up constantly green again.

EETS Questions and Answers | Operating and Installation Instructions

For more information on practical handling, error prevention and installation, but also on toll countries and box ordering, etc., see

  • in the operating and installation instructions supplied with the toll boxes.
  • in the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) at

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